Nokia laughs at Google and Samsung

We already know that Google and Nestle recently entered into an agreement whereby a new version of Android 4.4 will be called KitKat. Also, everyone already knows that the Samsung yesterday unveiled the long-awaited smartphone Galaxy Note 3. It would seem that, where’s the connection?

The fact that Nokia has decided to lunge toward both companies.

The photo above was posted to the account of the official Nokia Deutschland. The text in the photo – a slogan KitKat – “have a break, have a” (Take a break, eat Kitkata). A smartphone – no more than a shiny new Galaxy Note 3, which just yesterday was presented to Samsung.

It is not clear what such a move was made by Nokia, though the company has in the past derided its competitors, but in that case it was an advertisement, and this – no. Given the fact that Microsoft has announced the purchase of a mobile unit and Nokia, do not understand why the company did publish this poster.

Maybe you have any ideas on this?

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