Nissan has announced a concept of Smart Watch Nismo Watch for drivers

The idea of ​​using smart clock is becoming more and more popular not only among manufacturers of electronic gadgets, but also among automakers. So, Nissan first introduced the concept of smart hours Nismo Watch, which are intended for use by drivers while driving Nissan Nismo.

Watch Nissan Nismo Watch is the first device that is able to link the driver with his car. Novelty can perform a number of tasks and allows the user to:

  • monitoring the performance of the car, taking into account the average speed and fuel consumption;
  • access to information about the various units of the car while driving;
  • obtain biometric data driver using the built heart rate monitor;
  • connected to the car with the application for a smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy;
  • receive from Nissan’s special messages related to the car.

Watch Nissan Nismo Watch also allow you to monitor and record user activity in social services Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It uses its own software Social Speed. To operate the unit uses two buttons. Built-in battery provides the ability to work offline for 7 days in a typical operation. Charging is done via micro-USB.

Demonstration hours Nissan Nismo Watch and opportunities will take place during the event Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be held from 10 to 22 September. The device will be available in three colors: white, black and red and black.

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