New MacBook Pro will have a special schedule

Autumn release an updated line of MacBook Pro, which, incidentally, can be transferred c September to October , definitely please all future users of professional notebooks Apple.

The reason for this joy can become a new graphics chip Iris Pro 5200, which Intel will provide Apple with care for its new line of laptops. As reported by SemiAccurate, Iris Pro 5200 can be attributed to the masthead class GPU lineup in the new generation of processors Haswell Intel .

The feature of this graphics chip that Intel developed it specifically for laptops from Apple. The two companies have an agreement, under the terms of which, Intel will provide exclusive rights to Apple processors with integrated chips in them Iris Pro 5200. Unfortunately, no details of this agreement shall not make public resource.

According to various sources, Apple announces a new line of professional notebooks in September-October this year. Growth graphics power – a critical factor as Apple computers have high-resolution displays.

It seems that Apple can solve the problem that she was forced to face by launching the 13-inch model of the MacBook Pro Retina last year. Let me remind you that according to many people, the first “trinashki” with displays Retina different problems at work. Because of this, the model has been recognized as an extremely crude and unfinished. But most importantly, in the Apple realized this problem and it looks like the company has a viable solution to her problem.

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