New and modern malware attacks after turning off your smartphone

New and modern malware attacks after turning off your smartphone

New and modern malware attacks after turning off your smartphone

The company’s specialists Mobile Security AVG discovered a new malware in Android, which continues to monitor the user even after you turn off your mobile device. The danger of the virus is that a user is unprotected at a time when it was believed that its security is guaranteed.

Mobile Security AVG warns: Data Protection under threat

A malicious program captures the shutdown process and the device remains functional, even if it seems that it is off.

Software distributed through Chinese app stores, currently known about at least 10 million smartphones and tablet PCs infected worldwide.

A malicious virus affects older versions of Android 5,0 (Lollipop) and requires root access to capture the shutdown process. After pressing the power button, the phone displays a genuine animation off. However, although a black screen, the mobile device still continues to operate.

While the smartphone is in such a state, malware can make outgoing calls, take a picture and perform many other tasks without notice. At the moment, the problem is solved team AVG.

New malware attacks after turning off your smartphone

For its part, the team encourages our readers who are in need of security, adhere to a standard set of rules:

  • Do not download software, including applications and games, with informal portals.
  • Before important negotiations to leave the device in the next room.

Remember: off, as well as the extraction of the SIM card and / or the battery of the mobile device does not guarantee data security. Especially if we remember that Nokia phones have a built-in battery back-up, and the other smart phones do not stop to count the time even after removing the battery.

Source: avg

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