Microsoft: Project IllumiRoom too expensive for the start of its commercial operation

During the CES 2013, Microsoft demonstrated IllumiRoom project , which allows you to expand the image to display on the TV or the room through the use of Kinect and projector.

However, while they are interested in this solution, users should not be rapidly appearing on the market. Previously, developers reported that IllumiRoom is still in the process of development. Now, however, a Microsoft spokesman Penelli Albert (Albert Penello) said that at the current stage of development of the project is still too expensive for the start of its commercial operation. IllumiRoom set can be used in the laboratory and make presentations, but for an average consumer, its price is too high, and in the thousands of dollars.

The project uses a combination of IllumiRoom Kinect sensor and a wide-angle projector to create an additional image of the TV. This ensures a deeper dive into the gameplay. Moreover, other options are available, and the application of technology. Kinect controller is used to scan the room and calibrate the system. Through the use of radiometric compensation technique creates the necessary color-tracking gaming scene, even taking into account the fact that the furniture in the room has a different color. The controller and the projector can be placed in any convenient place in the room.

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