Microsoft is trying to patent the design IllumiRoom

Most probably have not had time to forget about the project software giant codenamed IllumiRoom. For those who had forgotten, we recall that the first draft was shown during the CES 2013.

A new development from Microsoft allows you to display the game beyond the TV in the literal sense of the word and fill the room with a variety of effects. This technology is implemented with the help of a special projector and sensor Kinect. To refresh your memory a little bit, you can see the video below.

In most cases, applications for patents help to predict future products, but it is not always true. Currently, the site office Patent and Trademark United States (USPTO) there was a very interesting application for Microsoft patent that describes a project that is very similar to IllumiRoom. It is noteworthy that the document dates from the year 2012.

The patent describes a system that uses two cameras to capture elements of the environment, and processes the image projecting them back, creating a sort of interactive space. Most likely, this is IllumiRoom, and the application will once again confirms the serious intentions of Microsoft.

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