MediaTek: low cost smart phones and a new level

Recently, in the case of Taiwan MediaTek not go as well. Its a great phone way it began in 2006 as a supplier of processors for mobile class “Chinese fake”, and today its solutions will gradually penetrate into mobile devices marks the first echelon.

In particular, the MediaTek chipset used in some smartphones Motorola, designed for Asian markets, some models of Acer, LG and even Sony’s new smartphone in China – Xperia C.

MediaTek recently announced the creation of “the first of the 8-core” architecture ARM, popinat on the occasion of the Korean Samsung with its “false-8 yadernik.” Earlier it was reported that the smartphone on the platform – MediaTek MT6592 – intends to release all the same Sony.

What Sony – it may very well be that MediaTek «settle” even in the new tablets Amazon Kindle Fire. For reference, this series of devices, according to some analysts, are the most sought after “pills” in the world. Rumor has it figured in the Amazon, and decided that the MT8135 for budget tablets – it. And already developing appropriate models that will appear in 2014.

The scheme MediaTek MT8135

Currently, however, MediaTek solutions are found mostly in smartphones and tablet computers second-tier manufacturers. And they found them much more often than other companies chipsets – the more famous and seemingly more experienced. In an attempt to answer the question “why?” We took a comment from a technician who is directly linked to the development of smart phones. As it turns out, it’s not just the low prices …

Qualcomm – the company is good, but very large. Therefore, it focuses on the same giants: it is interesting to work with Samsung, Sony, Nokia, HTC and other manufacturers league whose devices are sold in the millions. So offices Qualcomm supports willingly and quickly – this also applies to operational issues with iron, and consultations about the “boiling” of the new firmware for its chipsets. On the same small producers whose works often emerge in Russia under the local brands, Qualcomm talks less likely. Recently, the situation began to change for the better, since Qualcomm realized that losing the budget segment. Yet quickly change course this mastodon is not easy, so customers and run away to MediaTek.

Solutions of the company less interest to 20% with comparable performance and, moreover, they are also cheaper to learn: to create the final firmware based kvalkomovskoy “blank” for a specific chipset to 50-60 programmers, but in the case mediatekovskoy enough 30 .

“Blanks” from MediaTek (on these “blanks” can be read here. – Ed.) Is also interesting: while Qualcomm chipsets provides for its entry-level Android 4.1, the Taiwanese company already has quite a “dopilennuyu» Android 4.2. In addition, working with iron MediaTek easier as the level of integration of the components above nowhere. In addition to that – support for small vendors in MediaTek much more sympathetic, because the company is focused on them. In terms of the reliability of any difference between the budget Qualcomm and MediaTek not. Even more to say: support for two SIM-cards is competently implemented in Taiwanese chipset.

Well, add in any case, that is the poor support for manufacturers in chipmeykerskogo unit Samsung. That’s why its processors found in other brands is extremely rare: not that Samsung did not sell them on the side, that’s only contact no one wants. New versions of Android and you can not get bugs will be fixed for months … 

Bye the way to Europe and the United States for MediaTek closed – it does not have chipsets supporting LTE, which is needed in these regions (otherwise end device – smartphone – just will not be taken on the distribution of operators, for example, knowingly sold in the United States version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Platform Qualcomm, where support for LTE just is, in contrast to the version on the Exynos 5 Octa). However, by the end of the year MediaTek will offer a solution, and it was then-and-a … While Qualcomm holds the first place in the market of chipsets for mobile devices. But whether it will withstand the onslaught of Taiwan?

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