Microsoft is once again changing the iPhone to Lumia

As sales of smartphones Lumia line in the fourth quarter of last year were lower than expected , Microsoft continues to encourage potential buyers to purchase the device with Windows Phone on board. At this time the company has launched another program to exchange old iPhone smartphones Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 . And because Microsoft believes these devices completely equivalent, no surcharge will not be charged.

Technology giant offers exchange iPhone 4, 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2 on the brand new Lumia March 2 this year, according to the portal The Next Web. Traditionally promotion is valid only in the U.S. and Canada that does not take away her ridiculousness: Microsoft actually gives modern gadgets in exchange for the devices that were presented two or even three years ago.

Of course, iPhone 4 with a broken screen and badly scratched housing company will not accept. One of the main conditions for participation in the program – a smartphone should be fully functional and free of moisture and mechanical damage. In addition, together with the device, you must provide the original accessories and all necessary documentation.

It is difficult to tell where Microsoft is going to put so many iPhone and Galaxy, but it is worth noting that such a campaign has all the chances of success. Retail price Lumia 1020 is over $ 400 – you are unlikely to be able to sell the iPhone 4 for the same amount. But to sell a brand new sealed in the box Smartphone – easily.

Unfortunately, the latter can go snag: Microsoft distributes its smartphones with a two year contract mobile operator, so get rid of them as quickly as possible will not work. Should I remind you that the cost of contractual devices much smaller than devices sim-free.

Apple, of course, would never do anything like – the company does not feel the need for an artificial increase in demand for its smartphones. Over the last quarter alone , it sold over 50 million iPhone .

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