IPhone users will be able to forget about the protective film


We already wrote about the Apple association with its partners to launch GT Advanced activities of a new plant for the production of sapphire in Mesa, Arizona. Until now, there was no information with regards to the use of glass. Will it be used as before only for the camera or the Home button with Touch ID , or else the whole glass part of the smartphone from Apple will be performed by the Arizona plant. Resource 9to5Mac understand what is happening and presented his very interesting report.

These data suggest that the plant was purchased for a sufficient amount of equipment for the production of more than 100 million glasses about 5 inches diagonal, which are ideally suited for the new iPhone. Here is an excerpt from the message 9to5Mac:

A key factor for the adoption of sapphire in new market segments, such as glass for smartphones and other mobile devices to reduce the cost of its production. GT Advanced Technologies are working with key technology vendors to optimize the manufacturing process and reduce the cost of sapphire glass.

GT together with Intego GmbH developed a number of automated methods of production control sapphires, thus increasing the amount of high quality material, coming out of each furnace, and to ensure delivery of first-class product on the production line. SIRIUS Slab automated quality control, bringing it to a new level for high-volume markets such as mobile devices with touch screen.

That’s what led me to the idea Received 9to5Mac that the new plant will not be limited to the issue of small glass buttons Touch ID. GT Advanced booked over 500 stoves and other materials for the production of sapphire, and if it’s really for the sake of screens new iPhone , already this year we will begin to forget what a protective film.

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