Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is not protected from moisture

An interesting fact discovered the first buyers waterproof smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 Active in the United States. It turns out that the Korean company will assume all obligations under the warranty waterproof device if any of the damage caused by “exposure to liquid, moisture or dampness.”

Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveThus, a smartphone that has received certification IP67 (protection against dust and water, the ability to dive to a depth of 1 m to 30 minutes) loses guarantee ingestion of moisture.

Of course, we can talk about the case when a user inadvertently forgot to close the plug connector device before diving. However, as it turned out, even with caps, these devices can transmit water, which will need to pay for the repair of their owner.

On one of these occasions a retail store employee said the U.S. operator AT & T. The employee was impressed with the capabilities of smartphones and decided to purchase it themselves. When he got home, he tried to shoot a video underwater.

All precautions before diving into the water unit were accepted, but some time after the experiment, he noticed that the smartphone was spontaneously to run the program Google Now, as the physical buttons stopped responding to clicks.

The cause was moisture in the microUSB-port – after removing the plug from there came water. Fortunately, moisture indicators were not watered, and the American was able to free exchange permeable unit on a regular Samsung Galaxy S4 .

User detail described his “adventure” and recommended to the owners of Galaxy S4 Active best not to immerse their smartphones into the water, so as not to lose their warranty.

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