Micro Phone Lens – a quick and easy way to turn your smartphone into a microscope

micro-phone-lens-quick-easy-turn-smartphone-microscope-raqwe.com-01 Mobile technology implemented in practice what recently was a bit of science fiction. But, for reasons that are mostly related to money, the manufacturers can not introduce a device many innovative features. Fortunately, there are creative people who can come up with interesting things, and Thomas Larson example. Larson developed Micro Phone Lens, cheap and easy option to turn an ordinary smartphone into a microscope. The lenses are made of a flexible similarity and sticky silicone – the user can simply attach them to the smartphone’s camera and get an instant increase in the picture.

Of course, a small lens does not compare with the full power of the microscope, but they have the advantage of a low price, portability and use them in almost any situation.

Larson began to develop the lens still in college, and now he is ready to advance your idea on a commercial basis, using KickStarter. For just $ 15 you can get a lens and a plastic cover for them. The young inventor has already collected funds, more than twice the size of its initial goal of $ 5,000, and up to the end of the campaign, there are still 18 days.

As you can see from the examples, the results can be quite good, although there are suspicions that the need to work with light. The only “technical requirement” – is at least a 5-megapixel camera, and preferably with autofocus. Sticky lens detached and can be cleaned with soapy water. 


Thomas says he is working on an improved model, which allows to obtain an impressive 150-fold increase. Here is a sample of pollen grains taken with the new lens: 


Hopefully Thomas will succeed, because the idea is really interesting.

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