The set-top Microsoft HD-10 review

The set-top Microsoft HD-10 review

The set-top Microsoft HD-10 review

One of the most important recent trends in electronics – universal waiver wire. A few days ago we told you of the wireless charger for smartphones Lumia, but today let’s talk about the wireless transmission of images from the phone directly to the TV. In the laboratory set-top box Raqwe Microsoft HD-10.

Various manufacturers have already presented their vision of such devices. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, the ideal set-top boxes for wireless transmission of images from the phone to the TV does not exist yet.

Top box connected to the TV via HDMI-cable while it can be freely put on the table. This embodiment is better than the HDMI-dongle, as Last connect conveniently not in every TV and HDMI-extension creates unnecessary confusion.

Connectors on the housing Microsoft HD-10

The second connector on the body – this micro-USB, through the power is connected. Can be used as an external power supply, and power from the USB-port of your TV. And this, again, is more convenient than a separate power supply company, which is terrible to lose and the TV is not powered.

The set-top Microsoft HD-10 review

Possible and this option: connect Microsoft HD-10 to the HDMI input on the game console Xbox One and “powered” prefix from one of the ports USB, located nearby. Thus, HD-10 does not require not only a separate electrical outlet, but also a separate HDMI-input on the TV.

More on the housing consoles are no buttons and no connectors. At the bottom of the can only see the logo of the manufacturer, but the ventilation slots.

Included with the set-top is also available round NFC-tag. It is quite large so that it can even be used as a stand for coffee. (Joke. Although …).

Thanks to NFC-tag Connect your smartphone to your TV easier than ever: touch smartphone with the back of the label (usually on the back side and a NFC-sensor) – and the operating system already offers us to connect to a TV set-top box.

Now what can I do? Yes, all that on your phone – set-top box duplicates it on the TV screen. Of course, the TV screen touch this does not become, so all management (in games or movies) – still on the phone.

Show presentation, watch a video, read the latest press on the Internet, even to play – all this is much nicer and easier to do on a large TV screen (if there is one nearby) than on the small screen of your smartphone. Here’s the handy Microsoft HD-10

The set-top Microsoft HD-10 review.

Functionally, set-top box simply duplicates the screen smartphone – and nothing else. Ie play video separately to show it on TV, and on your phone – no, not work. Nevertheless, the quality of image transfer in this case at a height.

It is worth noting that the HD-10 works not only with smartphones Lumia though NFC-tag is read correctly only by them (on Android autostart connection can be configured using a special application to work with NFC-tags). In fact, HD-10 – it is a regular receiver operating protocol Wi-Fi Miracast and, accordingly, it is compatible with any transmitter broadcasting on the same protocol. That is, most of the today’s Android-smartphone will also work with HD-10.

In total Microsoft HD-10

Now its set-top box appeared and for Microsoft. Design, setting, connection and operation of the basic functions, mirroring screen smartphone made for five-plus, but we would still wish to add another manufacturer of any function in the software Microsoft HD-10. It would be convenient, as it seems to us that when playing video smartphone could act as a remote control.

Well, for the power connection on the micro-USB and NFC-label for smartphones on Windows Phone manufacturer special thanks.

Source: Microsoft

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