Cowon starts selling registrars with touch screen

Cowon unveils new car video recorder called the Cowon AE1. The gadget features a touch screen with a diagonal of 2.8 Samsung. ” Among the interesting features of the Cowon AE1 include F2.0 large-aperture lens with a 6-layer glass. DVR is recording files in HD 720p resolution at 30 frames per second with a standard codec H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC), the viewing angle of the usual 120 °.

In strengths Cowon AE1 recorded an intuitive menu system, a private development Cowon, and flexible palette settings: Shooting in Parking mode recording, shock sensor, loop recording, and other options. In addition, the gadget can connect an external GPS-module and use it as a navigator.

The DVR is installed on a car windshield. The complete bracket is fixed on the basis of the 3M-Scotch. If necessary, remove the recorder from the holder turns comfortable rubber washer, and Cowon AE1 easily and quickly removed from the pin.

It is also easy and convenient to adjust the angle of the lens to the ground, loosening the puck, turning the recorder on the rod holder and fixing the washer again.

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