Mattel and Google made retro new and modern toy

Mattel and Google made retro new and modern toy

Mattel and Google made retro new and modern toy

Google first step towards virtual reality helmet was marked by the appearance Cardboard. Then became the prototype for a gadget designed for smartphone LG VR G3. Now the device is a kind of model for View-Master was created by Mattel. Brightly colored plastic VR-headset – gadget to view stereoscopic images, whose target audience is children, will be available at an incredibly attractive price.

Previous models of View-Master (and they are already 75 years old) were used pikcher drives, which had to flip through. Now Google and Mattel made of fancy retro toy helmet virtual reality of the 21st century, which works on the same technology as the Cardboard. Mattel offers children and their parents an easy-to-use and cost-effective platform that allows users to participate in a dynamic tour, during which they can visit famous sites and attractions, visit the nature or another planet with the help of the photosphere, offering a 360 degrees.

The set includes 4 round plates with images, the rest can be purchased for an additional fee ($ 14.99). The device is synchronized with the application, which can be downloaded on Android smartphones. Some sources have appeared that the device can operate in conjunction with the iPhone 6 Plus and Nexus 6. The creators promise that “users immediately plunge into a creative and interactive learning environment.”

Mattel device will be available in the autumn of 2015 at a price of $ 30.

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