Analysts reduced sales forecasts iPad

Yesterday authoritative British Barclays Bank has lowered its forecast for iPad sales in the first fiscal quarter of 2014. The charges stemmed from rumors about the deficit display Retina, which Apple uses in all their plates except iPad 2 and iPad mini first generation, writes The China Post.

If earlier, analysts expected that Apple will be able to realize from 20 to 22 million tablets this quarter, the new boundaries are less impressive – from 19 to 20 million units. According to experts, this number will include two million iPad 2, seven million iPad Air, from six to seven million iPad mini, as well as four million iPad mini display Retina.

In October it was reported that the company LG Display – manufacturer for Retina Display iPad mini second generation really ran into problems in the production of displays, because of what the tablet was difficult to find even in official retail stores corporation. Nevertheless, by December Apple was fully adjust deliveries of its new tablets.

In addition to iPad, specialists Barclays also not left unattended and iPhone. They have reduced their expectations for sales of smartphones from Apple devices with 42-44 million to 40-42 million units. The lion’s share is expected to be iPhone 5s with 28-30 million units sold, as will here eight million iPhone 5c and four million iPhone 4s. After Apple stopped selling the iPhone 5, it no longer appears in such forecasts.

The same period last year, the corporation has sold 47.8 million iPhone and 22.9 million iPad. As a rule, the Christmas period is good for the sales dynamics iOS-devices, so to complete the quarter Apple always reports record results. But if analysts’ forecasts come true, this block can not be for the company so successful – Tim Cook previously planned to help out with it to $ 60 billion.

It is noteworthy that even with two new smartphones Apple can not repeat the success of the iPhone 5, the demand for which was just incredible in the past year.

Tim Cook and his colleagues will report on the results of the current quarter at approximately the end of January next year. That’s when we find out how true were the expectations of analysts.

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