LG Nexus 5 vs. G2 here is a first dimensional comparison


Last year, Google had entrusted to LG to roll out its Google Phone, which later became the famous Nexus 4. The latter, as we know, has been realized in the footsteps of ‘Optimus G, in fact this year the Nexus 5 should be made ​​good impressions on the G2. For this reason, during the last hours would have been common on the web a first image that compares these two smartphones.

The Nexus 5 in the comparison is that which is the last and certainly very reliable render, and how you can immediately see from the pictures, compared to last year, the two smartphones LG does not have much in common.

Also with regard to the technical specifications seem to be many differences, although it has always referred to the G2. The camera of the Nexus 5 should be 8 megapixels instead that of G2 is 13-megapixel, the display will always be 5-inch Full HD but for the Nexus 5, instead of 5.2 inches for the G2; 2300 mAh battery for the Google Phone, instead of 3000 mAh for the G2.

In short, the only thing that should unite them would be the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 800. The following pictures show only the aesthetic differences between the two devices, such as the absence of the side volume keys and ignition on the G2, which has them on the back, as well as the earpiece of different form. 


Unfortunately, despite all these considerations, even today we do not know what will be the date of presentation and debut of this smartphone Google.

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