Reviews Sony VAIO SVF15

Sony VAIO SVF15 – a representative of the public sector laptops. Perhaps, budget laptops are among the most popular on the PC market. With its low price and relatively high performance, they are appealing to most buyers.


Sony VAIO SVF15 has a pretty simple design, which is very good for an inexpensive device. It is better to spend more money on the development of the filling, rather than on the eye-catching design.

Our computer has a very clean look, which is achieved due to the black coloring and the absence of any unnecessary adornments. The computer is completely made of plastic. Because of such solutions cover a bit of flex under pressure. Of course, this is not a plus, although it is not too noticeable in daily use. However, to complain about the build quality is not necessary: ​​a laptop built on conscience, without any gaps and cracks.

Interior laptop is also made of black plastic. In principle, all the panels are fairly strong, and only one keyboard flexes slightly with active printing. It is also not very good, although not very noticeable during continuous operation.

Input Devices

Sony VAIO SVF15 has quite a spacious keyboard with an additional number pad. The keys here have a middle course, and quite frisky fidbek, which is good for printing. In this case, the buttons are located at a very convenient distance from each other. The only disadvantage of the keyboard is that it is a bit of flex under strong pressure. But as we noted earlier, this is not a terrible disadvantage, especially for a budget laptop.

Touchpad for Sony VAIO SVF15 quite spacious and is slightly offset to the left. It has no physical keys, but all the necessary support for the success of multi-touch gestures, but also has good accuracy and high input sensitivity.

The screen on Sony VAIO SVF15 is perhaps the weakest point. At 15.6 inches diagonally, he only has a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. In addition, he gives not the most succulent image. Due to the low index contrast blacks are more like gray. Also here is not very wide viewing angles, which is quite natural for a budget TN-matrices. But Sony VAIO SVF15 an acceptable indicator of the brightness, which allows you to work on this laptop, even on a sunny day outdoors.

Like many low cost computers, Sony VAIO SVF15 is not the most powerful stuffing. But at the same time for its price our laptop has a completely acceptable iron. On board, Sony VAIO SVF15 a third-generation processor Intel Core i3-3217U clocked at 1.8 GHz. In addition, Sony VAIO SVF15 has 4GB of RAM, a hard disk of 500 GB and an integrated graphics core Intel HD 4000.

This filling is enough for everyday tasks, such as printing, web surfing and making presentations. Also, this will be enough to trigger a variety of programs and games such as World of Warcraft. But for the more modern games Sony VAIO SVF15 hardly suitable.

Sony VAIO SVF15 has a standard set of interfaces to perform everyday tasks. It includes two ports USB 3.0, two ports USB 2.0, two 3.5 mm audiodzhek, RJ-45, an optical drive and video connector HDMI.

Sony VAIO SVF15 – a good budget laptop built on a processor-based third-generation Intel. For the money it is quite acceptable performance. The only significant disadvantage of this device is the poor monitor. In other Sony VAIO SVF15 is quite competitive model in the low-end segment.

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