As an iPhone user tried to transfer to Nokia Lumia


Journalist Ron Miller has long enjoyed the iPhone. But anyway, writes Siliconrus , he decided to give a chance to your Nokia phone and tried to transfer to the Lumia 1020. What of it?

Last month, I described what it is – to use the Nexus 5, being a supporter of iPhone. After this publication, one of my followers suggested that I do the same trick with the Lumia. Correspondence interested in the marketing department Nokia, and who sent me the machine Lumia 1020.

I would have been glad to say that the experience of using a smartphone Lumia was successful, but I can not. Not that it was a bad smartphone. It is not, but my overall experience was so negative that I was glad to get rid of it at the end of the week. First is worth clarifying that many hiccups associated with the Windows Phone, but not only. Other problems also arose, later we’ll talk about them.

As is the case with the Nexus 5, it should be noted that prior to the recent purchase of iPhone 5s I used the iPhone 4. So I compare the Lumia it with the iPhone 4 on iOS 6 – just so you understand the scale.

It’s quite a subjective description of a man who used to iOS – so it’s very private. Daylight Lumia not worked in my case, but you certainly can still be crazy about its Lumia 1020. I did not like. Absolutely.

The camera does not strike

Let’s start with the phone itself. One of the strengths – 41 megapixel camera, which, according to advertising, is designed to break any other phone.


First, the camera is not very attractive looks – because of its size, it sticks out the back. What is more important – I do not seem that she takes better than 8 megapixels my iPhone 4. It turned out that flash colors all pictures in a nasty yellow. I do not buy the phone because of the camera. This is just one of the functions, but I expected from this camera much more. I am one of those who sometimes just takes something on the go, and here I was not impressed.

Battery holds tremendous long

The only thing that I liked was the battery. I loaded the phone on Sunday to Thursday and this was no longer needs. With my iPhones do not resemble more than a couple days without charge, although you can make allowances for the fact that he has three years, and the battery capacity decreases with time. Nevertheless, in 1020 Lumia one of the strongest batteries that I’ve seen.


How about «get in, get out, get on with your life …»?

You may remember advertising Windows Phone with the main idea of ​​’Get in, get out, get on with your life’. The idea is that you do not want to spend a lifetime in an embrace with the phone. But real communication with Windows Phone is somewhat different from what advertising promises.


For example, just to get started, you need to perform several actions – and that’s without a password (which I did not understand where to set). You need to click on the sidewall of the phone that he was involved. Then hold your finger up the screen to get to plitochek. Then find the desired application. That’s where all the fun.

If you are not familiar with the interface, I would say that it consists of a set plitochek. I always thought it was the best way to introduce a smartphone interface, but after a week of using it I have started to appear, and other thoughts. The problem with this approach is that instead of having to open the pages and folders, you scroll down – and do so indefinitely, until you find what you need. The more applications, the longer you need to scroll. Still there is a screen where everything is in alphabetical order, but it’s not perfect.

Another problem – in animation. Tiles constantly moving, blinking, turn over. Why not calm down!

Obsession located?

Every time I tried to download the app, I get solicitations to share data about their location – and to share not only with the application, but also with the Microsoft. If I refuse, I can not use the application. Application on iOS too often request this level of access, but I can upload them and after a failure.iphone-user-transfer-nokia-lumia-raqwe.com-05

I do not mind to give such information to the applications that really need it to work, but the first application that I tried to load was Facebook. I never wanted to share with Facebook locational data, but this time he made an exception. And no matter the application tied to the location or not – the same request came from and Evernote, and from ESPN ScoreCenter, and even when I tried to open Internet Explorer. It irritates me, and I refused, in particular due to the fact that not only the application collects the data, but also the manufacturing company.

Problems with installed applications

As with iOS to Android, Windows Phone has had a number of preinstalled applications. Here I have mixed results.

Mail application was normal. I entered my Gmail address and password, and got my mail. Of course, every time a letter arrived, tiles began to gallop, showing the number of unread messages. Interestingly, many users if Windows Phone has an anxiety disorder because of the constantly increasing number of incoming?


One application I allowed to know where I am – it’s Local Scout, it helps organizations to find nearby. The results were strange. Something was out of found relevant, but something was closed a few years ago, but something in general, judging by the location on the residential streets, was home-based business, which you rarely turns its gaze.

Another application that I researched – People. And I’m not sure how Windows handles this information, but there pictures showed people with whom I have not talked too much at least for four years. Again, it’s weird. When I opened the People, there were lists of people from the operator AT & T, information about which is likely the operator itself and provides, but that is not my own phonebook.


With this phone everything was ok. Sure, it works just fine for many people, especially those who are accustomed to use the products Microsoft, but this phone is not for me, and I was glad to leave him at the end of the week.


It should be noted that, after testing Android and Windows Phone, I remained faithful to iOS and iPhone 5s bought last weekend. And so far very satisfied. Choose phone – everyone’s business, your choice may be different for different reasons, but for me nothing of what I saw during testing other models, can not make change his mind.

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