Apple began selling the Thunderbolt cables in black

Release new professional workstation Mac Pro provoked the appearance of several software and hardware updates Apple. Among them Thunderbolt interface cables in black.

Corporate cord to connect to high-speed protocol Thunderbolt company introduced back in 2011. Then he began selling them. Until that day, in the range of Apple were only white models. Now, after the start of sales of Mac Pro c futuristic body glossy black, the company released a black cables Thunderbolt. The range of two models – 0.5 m and 2 m worth 1399 rubles and 1799 respectively.

Some resent pricing against Apple accessories – 1800 rubles per-foot cord. It is worth recalling, however, that Thunderbolt-cable – this is not a simple piece of copper wire with connectors, what are the cables eSATA or USB. “Autopsy” connectors found that inside there are full-fledged processors running firmware.

At each end of Apple Thunderbolt chip implanted Gennum, the total number of chips – 12. One of the main reasons for the presence of each connector inside the whole scheme is to improve the quality of data transmission over copper cables. All this tricky electronics provide data rates up to 20 Gbit / s over a rather thin conductors. Maybe for some people this will serve as a justification for the conclusion of their high cost.

Sales of new Mac Pro started on Thursday. The Russian online store, you can choose the configuration of the computer and leave the order, but the device will be delivered no earlier than February.

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