iPhone returns leadership, bypassing Samsung


Returning to the third quarter of 2013 may recall that Apple’s smartphone leadership inferior products Samsung’s share of the U.S. market, 34% versus 38% for the Korean company. Then it was explained by the expectation of a new model of iPhone, and apparently it was so. According to the latest report of Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), which is made out on the pages resource 9to5Mac, iPhone regained the lead in the home market. 


According to this chart, the share of iPhone in the U.S. market increased to 48%, while the share of smartphones Samsung has dropped to 31%. Most likely, this growth is due to successful launch of two new smartphones from Apple. From the last report , we know that the company sold a record number of iPhone – 51 million smartphones. CIRP also note that other smartphone makers Apple helped her fall. HTC smartphone market share dropped by 8%, and BlackBerry by 2 percent. The only company that has remained in its 8% of the U.S. market, it’s LG. 


In its report, CIRP also provided information about how to activate new and used smartphones. Not surprisingly, this indicator increased share of iOS. With 34% in the last quarter of activations iOS share grew to 48%, beating Android with 46%. But this triumph is not over Apple. “Accounts for mobile communication users iOS above, they spend on calls, messages and Internet users more Android», – says Mike Levine, a partner and co-founder of CIRP. “More than half of iOS users spend more than $ 100 a month compared to the third users Android. B a quarter of Android users spend less than 50 dollars per month, while in iOS such users represent only 7%. “ 


Despite the decline in the share iOS in the global market , the company has demonstrated excellent performance in the U.S., adding to its status as a premium manufacturer of devices. Naturally, it is difficult to compete with the huge amount of budget smartphones on Android, but it seems like Apple’s just not very trying. While other manufacturers are trying to cover the market, Apple efforts aimed at creating a better device, and its popularity shows that all still work.

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