iPhone 5C temporarily fell


As it became known, large stores have reduced the price of the iPhone 5c connection with the contract. “Cheap” iPhone is now even cheaper. Apple has set the price at $ 99 with a contract for 2 years and $ 549 without a contract, you finally killed the rumor about the “cheap” iPhone. But now the iPhone 5C can really live up to its promise.

The first reduced the price in the shops Best Buy, now they offer a contract iPhone 5c for $ 50. Example was followed by Wal-Mart and RadioShack, reducing the price to $ 45. Buyers RadioShack, who want to buy iPhone 5c with the contract, give a gift card for $ 50, which they can use to purchase iPhone 5c for $ 99, so getting a discount. This promotion is valid from 4 October to 2 November.

Wal-Mart, in turn, reduced the price of the contract first iPhone 5c to $ 20, and from Friday 4 October lowered again to $ 45 already, and it will remain so for the duration of the holidays. But the offer from Best Buy for $ 5 more expensive and will last only a couple of days – from October 4 to 7.

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