Meet the actress who voiced the Siri

Until now, no one knew who voiced personal assistant Siri, which became a part of every owner’s iPhone, since the 4S. Woman , which gave voice Siri, call Susan Bennett . She works in the field of sound recording from 1970.

In 2005, Bennett was called to do the voice acting for the company ScanSoft ( which later became Nuance Communications). Within a month she was making records for four hours a day in his home studio . She did not know where these records will be used as long as its counterpart nor sent her a letter in which he was interested if she had voiced newfangled Siri in the new iPhone. Once logged in and listened to a couple of Apple commercials, she realized it was really her voice.

Bennett says that she decided to admit only because there was a rumor about accessories Siri voice of another woman – Alison Duff. “It seemed that everything required to find out who voiced Siri. So I thought , and decided ! Why the hell should I keep quiet ? Now is the time to tell the truth. “The very Apple, as well Nuance does not confirm this, but those who worked with Bennett’s voice say that this is definitely it. It is also confirmed by a specially hired by CNN expert who spent audio- examination of her voice .

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