Intel futurist spoke about the prospects of creating your own robot at home

Currently, the network has quite an interesting mention of the research project, Intel Labs. The project is called Jimmy and is a robot that is made up of components that have been printed with the help of 3D-printer.

Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson (Bryan David Johnson) during the event Maker Faire for the first time gave the project the general public. In the video, provided by the resource CBS, you can even see Jimmy, or rather his non-work modification, with my own eyes.

Resource AllThingsD notes that the process of programming Jimmy after the assembly is quite simple. Does not matter what program the smart phone. You can also download software created by other users. In this case, the installation process will not differ from the usual applications to run on iOS-and Android-powered devices.

According to Johnson, the main goal at the moment is to create a special set of tools costing less than $ 1,000, which will be available until May 2014. Until that time, he hopes to reduce the cost of a set of up to $ 500.

Users in New York City, where the event takes place, can obtain a free book entitled «21st Century Robot», which includes open-source component drawings robot.

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