Android Instagram photo processing worse than the version for iOS

One member noted that the output files with Instagramu for Android differ from those that are processed on iOS-ie. The Google platform looks just worse.

After zooming graphics presented above you will see that the image on the left is saved in lower quality, is less clear. But the quality of the iPad does not raise the slightest objection . This problem is not just one case.

The situation may improve slightly in the settings disable the processing of high-quality graphics, but the change will not be staggering. Most likely, there crept a little problem with the naming option because its activation results in the use of higher compression, or sparing the file size at the expense of its quality. A valuable allowance for each kilobyte, especially in times of kilkugigabajtowych data packets is simply unnecessary.

Do any of you have also noticed the difference described above?

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