Initial feedback on the spatial controller Leap Motion for Mac and PC

In the past year, the company Leap Motion unveiled a revolutionary system of spatial management computer, which tracks the movement of the hands and all ten fingers of a man with an incredible 0.01-mm accuracy , A hundred times exceeding that of the controller Microsoft Kinect.

The technology, being compatible with both Mac and Windows, was to go on sale early in the year, then the timing of release transported to the middle of May, and then was postponed until July 22 . The reason for the prolonged called software testing. But the demand is high for a novelty: the warehouses already accumulated 600,000 issued Leap Motion.

Leap Motion – a tiny USB-Receiver with sensors and a camera. It allows you to control your computer with gestures by tracking the position of the fingers and small objects in real time. The machine scans the area (field of view – 150 degrees) at up to 290 frames per second. Placing the device in front of you, users can scroll through web pages, play games, draw, or scale the map.

Journalists Vesti prepared a selection of the first reviews of Leap Motion of Western observers. Praised the idea to try the new product – looks like a sci-fi movies, is amazing, but that’s pumped up and implementation of the practical benefits of the gadget while a little.

According to The Verge browser Dan Berg, the problem is that the concept of Leap Motion does not imply a tactile feedback – the user may not feel like he “grabbed” something on the screen or touched something that is a step backwards compared with the same virtual, but still quite tangible touchscreen. Because of this, according to Berg, the whole process of using Leap Motion perceived as unnatural, constantly have to strain to keep your fingers and how to move them correctly.

Furthermore, the device lacks practical utility. The vast majority placed in a special shop Airspace Store apps – just toys that demonstrate the gadget and get bored after 5-10 minutes. Total to date 58 programs available for Mac, and 54 applications for computers to Windows 7, and 8.

As Engadget writes journalist Michael Gorman, problems with Leap Motion begin in the first application, recommended for launch – Orientation, designed to develop the basic capabilities of the system. If you do not control your fingers as a professional pianist or violinist, first you are guaranteed permanent recognition errors.

“Leap Motion – one of the coolest devices I’ve ever used, period. This is clearly a step forward in technology interfaces, and cool enough to otvisetsya jaw – admires the capabilities of the controller Brian Westover of PCMagazine. – But as a consumer product, Leap Motion for now is definitely incomplete. In some applications, all cool, but find it practical application so far is not easy. “

According to Eric Leimer site Gizmodo, at Leap Motion many strengths – it is simple, fast, able to recognize hand in the smallest details. Finally, it is inexpensive, given the opportunities – only $ 80. “But it’s all, that it can – is impressive. But can it a little “- sums up the reporter.

Berg from The Verge criticized an application designed to replace Leap Motion for operating a computer mouse. The program, called Touchless for the Mac. “It takes five times longer, and I painfully wish to touch the touchpad with my MacBook Air”, – admits browser. In his view, the problem – the lack of tactile feedback and tactile information, which in the case of the touchpad, mouse or touch screen allows you to interact with a computer course. Leap Motion denied such naturalness.

The author of the Engadget concludes that the key to Leap Motion for today – hidden in the device unrealized potential. Touchless Gesture Controller, unfortunately, not able to replace the touch screen or a mouse as the primary way of interacting with a computer. “While he is best suited for creative search, not for productive work” – a verdict Gorman.

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