First Look at SLR Canon EOS 750D / 760D and Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R

First Look at SLR Canon EOS 750D / 760D and Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R

First Look at SLR Canon EOS 750D / 760D and Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R

While Canon’s reputation as a market leader in photographic equipment is increasingly being questioned by competitors, the Japanese giant has enough strength and opportunities suddenly surprised the world by announcing simultaneously, not five, not six, but once seven different models in several classes.

Another Canon finest hour as the protagonist in the news broke Feb. 6, 2015. Edinomomentno Japanese giant introduced the world to seven new cameras: mirrorless system camera Canon EOS M3 (according to the manufacturer, it will be sold only in Europe and Asia, but not in North America), ultrazoom Canon PowerShot SX410 IS and the Canon PowerShot IXUS 275 HS, slr camera amateur class Canon EOS 750D and Canon EOS 760D, as well as full-frame SLR Canon EOS 5DS machines and Canon EOS 5DS R. Since Canon EOS M3 – this is the third generation of mirrorless systems Canon, and ultrazoom Canon PowerShot SX410 IS and the Canon PowerShot IXUS 275 HS continue line, long familiar to fans of the brand, our material will be dedicated Canon EOS 750D, Canon EOS 760D, Canon EOS 5DS and Canon EOS 5DS R. Each of these models has become, to some extent, a surprise and therefore deserves attention.

Canon EOS 750D and Canon EOS 760D

Ruler amateur SLR mid-range Canon EOS xx0D rightly considered the most dynamic: the period from 2003 (the appearance of Canon EOS 300D) had already had nine generations of models. The current generation is represented by the camera Canon EOS 700D, which was announced almost two years ago. Quite significant by the standards of the line period, clearly hinting at the imminent appearance of a successor. His alleged nomenclature name never in doubt: Canon EOS 750D.

The device with the same name really was submitted on February 6. And in a couple of him – Canon EOS 760D. Up to this point the amateur SLR phones midrange pairs had.

Canon EOS 750D

Who is the Canon EOS 750D and Canon EOS 760D? In short, it is a marked improvement compared to the level Canon EOS 700D. But if the Canon EOS 750D is superior to its predecessor rather technical characteristics, the Canon EOS 760D offers also a qualitatively new level of ergonomics, approximating the unit to a higher class models.

First Look at SLR Canon EOS 750D / 760D and Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R

Comparing the characteristics of the Canon EOS 700D and Canon EOS 750D, the first thing worth mentioning – it will increase the resolution of the sensor. Now proprietary matrix Canon APS-C with a crop factor of 1.6 is divided into 24 million members. In the Canon EOS 700D, there were 18 million. Also in the Canon EOS 750D is set DiGiC sixth generation processor. In the Canon EOS 700D is used DiGiC 5. Change the processor should theoretically benefit the speed of information processing and to improve the signal and noise. By the way, the parameter sensitivity in the wide range of Canon EOS 750D no progress: as with Canon EOS 700D, its matrix and the processor is in the range of 100 to ISO 12800 with plug-ins up to ISO 25600.

750D, the upper bound is

Even more striking progress between the Canon EOS 750D and Canon EOS 700D can be observed in the AF system innovations. It has a hybrid mechanism and is based on the third generation technology Hybrid CMOS AF. In the rear sight on the information screens and in movie mode its velocity is close to the focus of Dual Pixel AF, previously used in a full-frame Canon’s top-level – EOS 7D Mark II and EOS 70D. Of the Canon EOS 70D, by the way, in the Canon EOS 750D is taken AF phase component. It also is based on the 19 cross-type sensor, the central of which – a double cross-type (open aperture of 2.8 and wider). The exposition at the Canon EOS 750D is calculated on the basis of the new metering module RGB + IR detailing 7560 pixels and a built-in face detection technology skin tones.

Because since the appearance of Canon EOS 700D smartphones and tablets have become, in practice, an inherent part of life in the Canon EOS 750D appeared integrated support for Wi-Fi technologies and NFC. Among other functions, they provide clear synchronize cameras with modern gadgets in order to use them as a remote control.

750D, the back side

The rest of the difference between the Canon EOS 700D and Canon EOS 750D can be called cosmetic: slightly improved and expanded program shooting modes, left unchanged parameters of the shutter speed burst shooting is identical (although the buffer Canon EOS 750D more and now there enters 9, not 6 frames in RAW), video shooting options are not visible. The devices of the same information screens back, very similar ergonomics and almost similar to the viewfinder. In general, we can say that progress between the Canon EOS 700D and Canon EOS 750D touched basic things (matrix processor, autofocus, metering), the improvement of which is felt at once and all.

Much more interesting is evident difference between the Canon EOS 750D and the Canon EOS 760D. Technically phones but not twins, but the difference between them will feel far from all amateur photographers.

A comparison of the appearance of the Canon EOS 750D and EOS 760D

First Look at SLR Canon EOS 750D / 760D and Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R

So, autofocus Canon EOS 760D has a tracking mode when the rear sight on the information screen. This option is available when taking pictures and capture videos. Also Canon EOS 760D case of a movie can use the advanced dynamic range HDR. Finally, in the viewfinder Canon EOS 760D is displayed skyline and self switching between information display and viewfinder automatically – thanks to the proximity sensor.

A comparison of the appearance of the Canon EOS 760D and Canon EOS 70D

As already mentioned above, the main innovations Canon EOS 760D lie in the design and ergonomics of the machine. And they can not hide if the appearance of Canon EOS 750D is a familiar and normal evolution of controls, given more Canon EOS 300D, then ergonomics for Canon EOS 760D is a story line of Canon EOS x0D – from the EOS 10D to contemporary 70D.

In fact, Canon EOS 760D is Canon EOS 750D in the body Canon EOS 70D. Only in a more compact size and single button. For the rest, everything is in place, including existing SLR cameras Canon high-end rear wheel control and additional information display on the upper face. Interestingly, the designers Canon EOS 760D is not even forget about such a “trifle” as the lock button in the center of the dial switch shooting modes. That account of such nuances lets ask the question: Do not put the appearance of Canon EOS 760D threaten the commercial prospects of the line Canon EOS x0D as such? Of course, the technical characteristics of the difference between innovation and Canon EOS 70D is essential, but … certainly, many amateur photographers move to a higher class of devices is due to the difference in ergonomics. Which, to be honest, has always been huge.

Canon EOS 5DS and Canon EOS 5DS R

Already almost forgotten concept of “race megapixels” haunt the minds of photographers in the mid-2000s, quite unexpectedly gave bright relapse: Canon has introduced a full-frame SLR camera Canon EOS 5DS sensor with a resolution of 50.6 megapixels. Novick will have a variation Canon EOS 5DS R, which differs witty leveling system work antimurovogo filter using … one more “negative” filter. Obviously, this is done in order not to complicate the manufacturing process and on the basis of one sensor and one body to do both at the same machine.

Housing, by the way, Canon EOS 5DS taken from Canon EOS 5D Mark III, which with the release of new products does not disappear – the camera aimed at quite different audiences and do not interfere with each other.

What do want to achieve the release of Canon Canon EOS 5DS (and Canon EOS 5DS R)? It seems that several targets at once.

Firstly, the technical capabilities of display. Absolutely ready for commercial production of the full-frame sensor with a resolution of 50.6 megapixels while there are only Canon. In Nikon and Sony full frame is limited to 36 megapixels (model Nikon D810 and Sony Alpha 7R), while Pentax 645Z at a resolution of 51.4 megapixels physical size of the matrix is 44 to 33 millimeters.

Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R

Secondly, to gain a foothold in the niche cameras for shooting the highly. This, in particular, studio, landscape and portrait professional and staged shooting for gloss. Prior to the announcement of Canon EOS 5DS arsenal of the company’s offerings in these segments was limited almost indecent for these genres 22 megapixels (still the same Canon EOS 5D Mark III). With the Canon EOS 5DS situation has markedly changed. The main competitors – Nikon D810 and Sony Alpha 7R – give “only” 36 megapixels (although the price is significantly less than planned in Canon 3600-4000 US dollars), and medium format Pentax 645Z currently costs twice as much (8,300 US dollars).

First Look at SLR Canon EOS 750D / 760D and Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R

Do not forget about the third objective of the Canon. Releasing Canon EOS 5DS, the company is actively fulfills technology, combined with the introduction mnogomegapikselnyh sensors. In particular, the production of high-quality optics with the respective resolution capabilities, as well as the creation of mechanisms that reduce the impact of cotton mirror focus.

By the way, a special compensation mechanism appeared in the Canon EOS 5DS with its 50 megapixels. It is based on the rise of motor control, which allows you to change the velocity of the mirror and the end virtually avoiding sharp blow inherent spring Pitching.

5DS, back side

Concluding the conversation about the sensor Canon EOS 5DS and passing to the other features of the device, briefly compare it to the Nikon D810 in the context of detail. So, on a full-frame matrix Canon EOS 5DS five dozen megapixels, while the Nikon D810 their 36. On receiving the picture detail, this means 8688 to 5792 points at the Canon EOS 5DS and 7360 to 4912 points – in Nikon D810. If you send these images to print, then at a resolution of 300 dpi Canon EOS 5DS allows you to get a picture on a piece of area 73.56 to 49.04 cm (average between A2 and A1), and the Nikon D810 – 62,31 41.6 cm ( approximately A2). The size of the matrix senselya Canon EOS 5DS approximately equal to 4.16 to 4.16 micrometer.

First Look at SLR Canon EOS 750D / 760D and Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R

It should be noted that this amount – not phenomenal triumph of progress. Elements of approximately the same area can be found in devices with APS-C sensor with a resolution of 20 megapixels. Or in vehicles with a matrix of 4/3 ” with a resolution of 15-16 megapixels. Put simply, a 50-megapixel full-frame to do sensel “terribly small and noisy.” Just before on a full frame traditionally made major elements, while the Canon EOS 5DS they … standard (by modern standards).

5DS, the upper bound is

Nevertheless, anticipating questions about the relation of signal and noise, Canon has limited sensitivity range Canon EOS 5DS values of 100 and 6400 ISO (with software enhancement to 12800). Frankly a little background on 100-25600 ISO, available for Canon EOS 5D Mark III or 64-12800 ISO, which operates the Nikon D810. However, for the studio system, where everything is left to the mercy of detail, and there is no problem with the lighting, ISO 6400 – more than enough.

In line with this logic seems quite sufficient and 5 frames per second, which gives Canon EOS 5DS in burst shooting. Clipboard new items ready to accept up to 14 frames in RAW format and up to 510 – in the format JPG. For high-speed characteristics of the camera corresponds to a pair of processors DiGiC 6.

First Look at SLR Canon EOS 750D / 760D and Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R

The possibility of Camera Canon EOS 5DS is hardly remarkable: the unit is limited to the highest quality Full-HD at 30 frames per second progressive scan, has a monaural microphone and a port for an external solution. Port for external headphones not. Available through the HDMI port does not transmit the compressed material is impossible.

Canon EOS 5DS R + EF16-35mm f / 4L IS USM @ 23mm, ISO 200, 1/500, f / 11.0

For the accuracy of the AF and metering in Canon EOS 5DS meet already familiar from previous models of the manufacturer modules. In particular, the 63-point AF with 41 cross-type sensor has passed a novelty of the flagship Canon EOD 1D X, a full-color IR-metering module 150 thousand pixels taken from reportёrskoy Canon EOS 7D Mark II. Note that the focus and exposure metering system are synchronized and can exchange information – such technology called Intelligent Tracking and Recognition has already been applied all in the same flagship.

Canon EOS 5DS + EF200-400mm f / 4L IS USM @ 329mm, ISO 200, 1/250, f / 4.0

In general, announcing a couple of Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R, the Japanese giant has made a strong, if somewhat risky move. While its effects more than obvious – intensification of the struggle in a fairly narrow niche vehicles for the highly-shooting. However, as already mentioned, Canon plans obviously much wider than this particular problem. Representing the Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R, the manufacturer has already hinted about them, showing a dozen days after the announcement of a prototype full-frame sensor with a detailed 120 megapixels.

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