[Photo] Two new concept iWatch

About how exactly will look smart watches iWatch (unless, of course, they do see the light), now, perhaps, know only Apple campus. Being in such ignorance opens a lot of space for creativity than freely use third-party designers who create their own unique concepts smart hours. Today I would like to talk about two of these developments definitely deserves your attention.

The first concept is interesting due to its non-standard appearance and wearing several options. In fact, from here there was only hours form – gadget easily can be attached to clothing or worn as a pendant unusual.

According to the designer, iWatch will be equipped with a small 1.4-inch sapphire display, 1.2-megapixel front camera, pulse and temperature sensors, as well as many other useful features. All this stuff uses for its work A6 processor and coprocessor movement M7.

Thickness of the device is only 7.6 millimeters.

The second concept is radically different from the first, because it is not just another “fake” development iWatch, and the possible appearance of smart hours of any manufacturer, including from Apple. Taken as a basis for his famous watch company Triwa, here only instead of the usual dial sapphire display them.

Hours are friends, not only with your smart phone, notifying of new messages, messages, and even acting as a navigational tool, but also with the body. The device calculates the pulse and blood pressure of its owner, the truth about the accuracy of its measurements can only guess.

Judging from the appearance of the gadget, it’s not like it is running iOS, but who knows what the decision will take Apple for its smart hours . Whatever it was, like the appearance of iWatch lovers will appreciate the classic wrist accessories.

And which version is more like you?

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