In Android 4.3 adds support for analog functions TRIM

One of the common complaints about the operation of the first tablet Nexus 7 has been complaining about slow performance built-in storage after a long period of use of the device. So, after buying the Nexus 7 flash memory runs fast enough, but after a series of installations and remove applications, add and delete data felt a certain decrease in responsiveness of the store.

Members hoped that this annoying feature will be fixed in the new version of the tablet Nexus 7 (2013). However, it appears that Google has gone ahead and improved the work of internal storage for all your mobile devices Nexus. This has been achieved by the introduction of the new OS Android 4.3, which adds support functions fstrim – analogue of TRIM in computer drives.

The fact that the flash memory has some features work. For example, if you write on it a 3 GB file, and then delete it, the first available storage size is reduced to 3 GB, and then increase by the same amount. But in fact, when deleting a file only appropriate memory will be marked as free. The data itself is not deleted. As a result, the next data is saved in these cells the controller will first purify them, and then write new information into them, which causes a drop in the storage performance. Moreover, the more data is written and deleted, the more noticeable decrease in performance is because fewer cells remain unused. Function fstrim, as TRIM, eliminates this problem. During idle drive it performs automatic cleaning of the memory cells are labeled free but still contains the previous data. Thus, the next write cycle data cell will not have to perform the procedure of purification.

Automatically activating the cleaning procedure memories to a number of conditions. Thus, the mobile device must be inactive for at least 1 hour battery level must be at least 80% (or at least 30% in the battery), the previous running background cleaning was carried out not less than 24 hours ago. Only when all these conditions function is activated fstrim. In theory, it should be triggered every 24 hours, but in reality it will be less likely to start because of the additional conditions related to the level of battery charge.

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