ASUS abandoned the Windows RT

Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASUS Jonney Shih (Jonney Shih) said that in the near future, the company has no plans to release mobile devices running Windows RT.

The reason for this decision lies on the surface – Users still need applications that they are familiar with from the time of running Windows XP, which, unfortunately, can not offer Windows RT.

“The future of Windows RT looks very doubtful – Johnny Shih said in an interview resource All Things D , citing poor sales of mobile devices running this OS. – Release of Windows RT-devices is the biggest mistake in the history of ASUS”.

It is worth noting that most first-tier manufacturers have provided a fiasco and decided to skip the product software giant, and those who managed to release Windows RT-unit rushed to replace them. For example, the Chinese company Lenovo has replaced the transformer ultrabook IdeaPad Yoga 11 11S model running Windows 8.

Mr. Shi also could not get past the Windows 8 stating that an application that allows you to change the “Start”, is one of the most popular.

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