Apple iBooks promotes among its employees

During the announcement of its new operating system OS X 10.9 Apple has also introduced some new programs for the Mac, which “moved» c iOS. In the Mavericks users will welcome the iBooks app is available for easy reading books on the computer and synchronize with iCloud. In this regard, the corporation plans to launch next week a special promotion iBooks Discovery for training employees of retail stores, “the book” issue.

In particular, Apple is going to give their employees free access to the store iBooks Store, where they can learn without unnecessary obstacles to the proposed content. According to 9to5Mac, many employees have become the owners of OS X Mavericks , although install on their iOS gadgets 7 they still strictly forbidden . Having free access to the masterpieces of world literature, they not only become a great read, but also be able to better navigate the range of shops.

It is difficult to say how iBooks for Mac will be in demand among users. Read long texts on the computer is often very problematic: someone begin to tear his eyes, while others are asleep and do in front of a laptop. Especially evident on the screen Retina – easy and fun to read, but read Jules Verne’s unlikely to succeed.

Previously, Apple has already conducted such large-scale programs. Then the company allowed employees Apple Store to download for free some of the most popular applications. With their help, most consultants can demonstrate gaming capabilities of the iPhone and iPad.

Still, when it comes to choosing a gadget for reading books and magazines, buyers prefer tablets. In my iBooks library on the iPad mini more than 70 books – read them on the device a pleasure. In my view, the 10-inch plates are more suitable for gaming purposes, or watching movies, as due to the large weight to hold the device in one hand and a long time is not possible.

As Tim Cook said at a recent conference on the quarterly results of Apple , OS X Mavericks release this fall. Developers are already available version of DP4 .

And you will use iBooks to Mac? Or not going to carry your library with smart phones and tablets?

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