Rumor: “Nexus 8” next-generation Nexus 7

Earlier we saw that the next generation Nexus 7 will be released as a “Nexus 8” has been posted to the XDA forum Mr. tells.

According to the samomamo Mr. XDA that conveyed the same information, I asked to be “? Do you stop the sale of Nexus 7” by visiting the store of Staples to buy a Nexus 7 32GB model concessionary “Yes, things and answered Nexus 8 also “or is close. The clerk seemed to said “Nexus 8” as confident and clear.

It is the information of the last rumor level, but it probably is not strange to be considered retailers and are getting the information of the unreleased device, it is worth noting.

It is a thing only screen size is also likely to have been to eight inches around and if product name 8 Nexus, but it can be equipped with a 7.0 inches display has been found Nexus brand has been confirmed that “ASUS K008/009”.

I think whether the “Nexus 7” official product name is whether the “Nexus 8”, and hope to follow-up really.

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