HTC 310 hard reset: restore factory settings

HTC 310 hard reset: restore factory settings

HTC 310 hard reset is used in cases when you forget unlock pattern, if you need to clear the memory and settings before selling smartphone or you have different software errors.

Today we bring you the instructions how to make HTC 310 hard reset.

Please note, after performing a hard reset, all data of the smartphone, including photos, videos, applications, etc., will be deleted. If you store important files on smartphone, we recommend you to save them on another device such as a memory card or PC.

As you know, Android has several different versions, so the names of some menu items may differ.

Now let’s look at how you can make HTC 310 hard reset.

HTC 310 hard reset through settings menu

It’s the easiest method to make a hard reset. All you need is to go to the following path and click the button.

  • Settings – Privacy – Reset phone

HTC 310 hard reset with service code

You can also use the service code to do a hard reset. Open the dialer and type the following code:

  • *2767*3855#

ATTENTION!!! Hard reset begins immediately after the last code symbol and does not ask for confirmation.

HTC 310 hard reset through recovery mode

Recovery Mode is a service device debugging without loading the operating system. You can enter recovery mode by turning off the phone and holding down the Volume rocker (+ or -) and power button until the Android robot appears.HTC 310 hard reset: restore factory settings

Then you will see recovery menu, in which you need to select menu item “Wipe data/factory reset”. Also you have to confirm that you agree to delete personal data by clicking “Yes – delete user data”. The last step is to select “Reboot system now”.

When your phone will be loaded, you will see that apps and settings will be cleared, so HTC 310 hard reset have done.

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