How to make hard reset for HTC Desire 626s

How to hard reset for HTC Desire 626s

Modern smartphones are not those mobile devices that were only a couple of years ago. One of the most interesting smartphones of 2015 is HTC Desire 626S. The smartphone was released in July 2015. HTC Desire 626S has good features and an attractive price.

However, despite all advantages, smartphone may have some software or hardware problems. If you use your smartphone for a long time, you may have some errors and bugs. But it is not necessary to go into service center HTC to restore your smartphone to the condition, which it was when you bought it.

All you need is to read carefully our instructions.

It should be noted that during the procedure of hard reset for HTC Desire 626s all data on the phone will be erased. We recommend that you save all your important files, photos, movies and documents.

Hard reset for HTC Desire 626s through phone menu

The first method allows you to make hard reset for HTC Desire 626s through menu of your smartphone.

  1. Enter menu “Settings”.
  2. Select “Memory” -> “Factory Reset”.
  3. You will see a window and select “Reset phone settings” -> “Clear all”.

Please note that in this method all the pictures and other information is not deleted on the phone. If you want to delete all the files, select “Delete all data” and “Clear memory card”.

Hard reset for HTC Desire 626s

If you cannot go to the smartphone’s menu for various reasons, for example, you forget PIN, unlock pattern or touch screen does not work, then you should try 2 method.

  1. Turn off your smartphone HTC Desire 626s
  2. Press and hold Volume Down button and Power button as long as you will see three Android robots.
  3. Then you will see a pop-up menu. You need to click on the item Factory reset or clear storage. You can use the volume keys to navigate through the menus, and use the power button to select the menu item.How to make hard reset for HTC Desire 626s

After you select a menu item, you need to restart your smartphone. That’s all! Instruction hard reset for HTC Desire 626s is over. You can enjoy your smartphone as new.

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