Headphones Ceekars 4D - analogue Oculus Rift for your ears

Headphones Ceekars 4D – analogue Oculus Rift for your ears

Headphones Ceekars 4D - analogue Oculus Rift for your ears

Most recently, the company started its activity from the resort Miami – Next Galaxy, appealed for help to the public on the issue of raising funds for the production of your device – Ceekars 4D. These smart headphones that were designed to bring a new level of immersion into the world of virtual reality during games or watching videos, listening to audio using tactile feedback and a more immersive sound technology.

Helmets for virtual reality Oculus Rift and Gear VR, of course, brings a whole new level of visual immersion in the world of games from the outside, but relatively little has been done so far in terms of auditory immersion in the atmosphere. And though the last prototype Oculus adds positional audio to this equation, the visual side of things undoubtedly gets the lion’s share of attention developers Gear VR, so each company really thinks so far, that the emphasis on visual effects justifies sacrificing audio performance.

Headphones Ceekars 4D - analogue Oculus Rift for your ears

Using patented “4D-sound” technology, headphones Ceekars 4D may well be the best system sound since it is something much more than ever before produced counterparts. This prototype is designed to make the user feel the sounds around them, just as if he was indeed in terms of the environment, which publishes them. For example, they say their creators, Ceekars allow gamers to hear sounds differently depending on where they are: for example, if they are appropriate to the fire, the crackling of burning branches will become louder and sharper, and closing the door behind him during gameplay , sounds from the street will become much quieter and less legible.

Another notable feature – the use of haptic feedback in a tape headphones. That is, the user can not only hear, say, the roar of thunder, but also feel it as it happens in reality during a severe thunderstorm.

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