Sunglasses Sealz are closed at the push of a button

Sunglasses Sealz are closed at the push of a button

Sunglasses Sealz are closed at the push of a button

When someone comes to the beach, the probability is very high that this someone would wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays. Also, probably he still need a couple of points for diving to get a clear picture of water. Sealz is a new pair of sunglasses that can actually become a pair of underwater points at the press of a button, allowing them to be used in both cases.

With daily use, Sealz may look like any other pair of sunglasses. When the conditions of use are a bit more extreme, such as snow or dust storm, or the user intends to go for a swim, it just has to press the button on the rim sunglasses, to create a completely different conditions. After the owner returned to the comfort, you press the button again, and points return to their usual form

Of course, to function as a submarine, sunglasses Sealz do have more and strap, which allows them to stay on the head and on which ihz can be worn by removing the eye. This can make them stand out a bit on the background of traditional offerings, but for users who regularly find themselves in a situation where they have to protect the eyes with greater efficiency, it may be trade-offs they are willing to accept.

Some other notable features include sunglasses Sealz full UV protection, impact-strong polycarbonate lenses and polarization to reduce the flow to the eyes to bright light. Soon they go on sale, and the price will be 68 dollars evergreen.

Source: Kickstarter

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