Fender Pro In-Ear Monitors: in-ear headphones professional class

Fender Pro In-Ear Monitors: in-ear headphones professional class

The legendary manufacturer of musical instruments the company Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) announced the launch of new category for itself, the category of professional equipment, in-ear headphones Fender Pro In-Ear Monitors (IEM). The range of new products Fender IEM is based on the use of number unique patented technologies.

Last year, Fender absorbed Aurisonics with the appropriate package of technologies and patents, so the manufacturer entered the market of professional in-ear monitors. All new headphones Fender Pro In-ear Monitors are made in Nashville. The company prints the body of headphone in 3D-printers (Digital Hybrid Technology, DHT). Thus, in-ear monitor close to 95% of the ear similar to the expensive custom headphone monitors.

For different models of headphones are made different, specially designed speakers. Some models offer a patented hybrid technology dynamically tuned and balanced coil speaker (Balanced Armature Array, HDBA) to achieve a richer sound in the entire audible frequency range with deep bass and high efficiency.

Series Fender Pro DXA1 performed on the 8.5-mm titanium alloy magnets that provide a pure sound in the range of 14 Hz – 22 kHz. Headphones Sensitivity DXA1 is 116 dB / mW, impedance 16 ohm and additional noise reduction. Model DXA1 is made in translucent gray color and is equipped with a detachable cable silver plated OFC technology with MMCXi.

Series Fender Pro FXA2 are made on the basis of 9.25 mm rare earth magnet alloy. It is characterized by a tuned acoustic channel, which helped to achieve a high return low and high frequencies in the sound range of 6 Hz -23 kHz with a sensitivity of the order of 112 dB / mW, impedance 16 ohms, and the suppression of the ambient noise level to 22 dB. This model comes in a metallic blue and metallic black, and is also equipped with a detachable cable silver plated OFC MMCXi.

Fender Pro In-Ear Monitors: in-ear headphones professional class

Series FXA5 has a double-balanced coil and tuned acoustic channel, which ensures smooth sound in the frequency range of 19 Hz – 21 kHz, with a sensitivity of 120 dB / mW. FXA5 Series headphones have an input resistance of 36 ohms, the suppression of external noise level to 22 dB, and comes in a metallic silver and metallic shades of black, also with removable cable MMCXi.

Series FXA6 is interested with combination of tweeter with patented hybrid-technology dynamic HDBA, speaker with 9.25-mm magnet of a rare earth alloy and tuned acoustic channel. For this series of typical playback frequency range 6 Hz – 22 kHz with a sensitivity of about 109 dB / mW, an input impedance of 16 ohms and suppressing ambient noise level to 22 dB. This model comes metallic red and metallic black colors.

Series FXA7 is equipped with a pair of tweeters with technology HDBA and speaker with 9.2 mm of a rare earth magnet alloy tuned acoustic channel. FXA7 model reproduces the frequency range of 6 Hz – 24 kHz, has a sensitivity of 110 dB / mW, input impedance of 16 ohms and the suppression of ambient noise level to 22 dB. Model FXA7 made in 3D-printed on the printer case DHT, comes with interchangeable straps SureSeal tips and detachable silver-plated cable MMCXi. Headphones also come with 1/8 inch and 1/4-inch adapter. The flagship new product will be available in the color gold metal and metallic black.

The range of new 2016 Fender Pro In-Ear Monitor Series will be available with a premium carrying case and tools for cleaning. The sales of headphone Fender Pro In-Ear Monitors is scheduled for March 2016. Depending on the series, the price of the headphones ranges from $99 to $500.

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