Google and Privacy Glass: still problems in a Seattle restaurant

The new Google Glass has always been at the center of a delicate discussion about privacy. More and more people are expressing their discomfort at being in a situation where it can be taken a photo of themselves without their knowledge, and the question becomes difficult to handle in crowded places such as restaurants. Despite the low diffusion of Glass restaurateurs many Americans have begun to ban the device from its premises, requiring removal to customers if they wore.

The story we tell is going just as soon as he said and as the protagonist Nick Starr, an engineer from Seattle, who went to Lost Lake Cafe, found himself in front of the request to remove the Google Glass to be able to come in and eat in the room. The outpouring of Starr has not been slow to miss a Facebook post in which he claims to have sometimes eaten a meal in the room wearing Glass.

David Meinert, owner of Lost Lake and other places, this is not new to politics, having already made arrangements, in March, so the Glass were banned in another room of his property. Meinert, interviewed by Forbes, he added that he had recently instructed the members of the staff of Lost Lake to ask their customers without exception the removal of Glass. Jason Lajeunesse, a member of Meinert, adds in the interview:

“This is a fact about privacy. One thing is to pull out a camera to take a picture, so people who do not want to appear to have the time to arrange, but with Glass this is not possible, people do not have this possibility. We want our clients to feel at ease and not as if they were consistently observed. “

On her Facebook posts, Starr has highlighted the fact that the menu of the restaurant encourages customers to take pictures in the room, so post them later on Instagram. The debate about possible privacy violations by those who use the Glass is still open and will probably intensify during 2014, the year of introduction of the new model to be sold in bulk.

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