Hard Reset Trio Stealth G2

Hard Reset Trio Stealth G2

Full factory reset tablet on Android operating system, also called “hard reset” or “wipe”, can be very useful solution to many problems.

Today we look at how you can hard reset Trio Stealth G2. Developers have provided several ways to hard reset. We’ll tell you about the most simple and more complex reset methods.

Dear readers, please note: hard reset Trio Stealth G2 will erase all your data, including contacts, messages, Google accounts, applications on your tablet. Therefore, before you hard reset Trio Stealth G2, be sure that you save most important files that you will need in the future.

How to hard reset Trio Stealth G2 through menu settings

The easiest way to make hard reset Android tablet is to run command from main settings menu. This method is suitable for users whose tablet is working properly, but you decided to remove all files.

  1. Go to “Settings” of your tablet;
  2. Select “Backup & reset”;
  3. Click on button “Reset” and confirm your choice.

Hard Reset Trio Stealth G2

Your Trio Stealth G2 will be returned to the factory settings after a reboot.

How to hard reset Trio Stealth G2 with Recovery menu

Let us imagine that the worst had happened, and your tablet Trio Stealth G2 with Android operating system cannot boot. Maybe you forgot unlock pattern. There is one useful solution in such a situation. It is all the same hard reset Trio Stealth G2, but using more sophisticated methods.

The Android operating system has a boot loader mode, so-called Recovery Mode. System mode allows the user to reset Android settings to the factory, if the device fails to boot.

So, you need to enter Recovery Mode. Turn off Trio Stealth G2 and hold the following combination of buttons.

  • “Volume Up” + “Power”

You need to hold both buttons for 30 seconds. When you see Android logo on the screen, you can release buttons. If you will see menu, then you have entered Recovery Mode. As you can see, Recovery Mode allows you to take a number of different operations. At the moment, we are interested in hard reset Trio Stealth G2, so we need to choose “wipe data / factory reset”.

Hard Reset Trio Stealth G2

We warn that Touch Screen does not work, so you need to use Volume Buttons to navigate and Power Button to confirm.

Next you need to confirm your choice by clicking on “Yes – wipe all user data”;

Go back to the previous menu and click on “reboot system now”. The system will reboot and you will have a clean version of operating system.

As you can see, hard reset Trio Stealth G2 is no big deal. The user can do this at any time, even if tablet does not wish to be loaded in the normal mode. Remember to make backup of important data, take care of your device. Good luck!

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