How to hard reset HTC Desire 610 to default settings?

How to hard reset HTC Desire 610 to default settings?

Do you want to know how to hard reset HTC Desire 610? Sometimes Android smartphones do not work correctly. If you have smartphone and decided to hard reset HTC Desire 610, then you have come to the right place, we will tell you how to do it.

Very often you want to reset smartphone because of an application error, or virus has infected the operating system. If you have such problem, or any other similar situation, all you have to do is to delete all information from your smartphone’s internal memory.

We want to warn you – if you want to return smartphone to the old version of operating, hard reset does not help you. It can be restored only by a manual flashing smartphone.

Next we look at how you can hard reset HTC Desire 610. There are two ways to hard reset smartphone: software and hardware. We’ll tell you about both of them.

Software hard reset HTC Desire 610:

Warning, if you want to use software hard reset, you must go to the smartphone menu. If you cannot turn on your smartphone for any reason, you need to use the second method.

  • So, if you can go to the menu of the smartphone, then you need to click on the icon “Settings”, and in opened list looking for “Backup & reset”, or a string with the name of “Privacy”. Then you should select the line “Reset”, and click “OK”.
  • Reboot your HTC Desire 610 and you will see that all data on your smartphone have been removed.

If your smartphone does not turn on or you cannot enter the phone menu, then you need to use the second method hard reset HTC Desire 610.

Hardware Hard Reset HTC Desire 610:

*This method allows you to unlock (remove) pattern or password.

  • First you need to turn off the smartphone. If smartphone freezes, then you should remove the battery. Also, we advise you to remove SIM card and memory card.
  • Once you have done this, you need to enter the system menu. If you want to enter the system menu on HTC Desire 610, you can press “Volume Down” and “Power” at the same time.How to hard reset HTC Desire 610 to default settings?
  • Then you will see system menu. You need to choose “Factory reset” and confirm with button “Power”.
  • After that you should to wait until your HTC Desire 610 delete all the files on smartphone and return to factory settings.How to hard reset HTC Desire 610 to default settings?

After completed process Hard Reset HTC Desire 610, your phone will be restored to factory condition.

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