What can a new tool Perspective Warp in Adobe Photoshop CC

It seems that Adobe has decided to seriously deal with the cluttered horizon and other geometric distortions in the photographs. The latest version of Lightroom appeared tool for automatic correction of such problems, and more recently, even more powerful variant thereof and got Photoshop CC. It is about Perspective Warp Tool and I’ll tell you.

If Lightroom image correction need only basic: fix the horizon, return parallelism removed “from the bottom” of the building, or do both at once, in Photoshop task more difficult. As a trivial example – set the correct perspective objects, collecting a complex collage of photos. Of course, the real masters of Photoshop can deal with this problem by using simple tools for modifying the image, but it took a good spatial imagination and time-consuming.

With the advent of Perspective Warp is made easy.

Working with this tool is divided into two stages, which can be navigated buttons on the toolbar. In the first stage you need to set the reference plane of your image, specify the program that is – what your photo is parallel “in life.” To do this, place the image “grid” and link them to the appropriate objects in the image. These virtual plane can be combined (in fact, most often it needs to be done to achieve the best results), indicating where the “face” of the object, which we will transform. It’s enough to take the edge planes to each other, they are highlighted, and the “grid” unite together.

Setting the edge, you can switch directly to the transformation mode. In this mode, you move the vertex, and Photoshop to change the image so that it faces coincided with the edges formed by the grid. An interesting feature: if you hold down the Shift key and click on one of the faces, Photoshop will make its vertical (or horizontal, depending on the situation), it is useful, for example when shooting architecture.

Anything that does not fall into transformable space, Photoshop will try to preserve as much as possible intact. Most “loss” is located on the edge of the image, so after correcting geometry, or you will need to crop a picture, or “to finish” missing using a large arsenal of Photoshop.

Tool Perspective Warp – just one of the many innovations that have brought the latest update Photoshop. The good news is that with a new subscription-distribution system users can always use the latest version of the program.

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