Steve Wozniak sings the praises of the “Chinese Apple”

Co-founder of Apple, who apparently experiencing due to inability to participate in official activities of the company, decided to fill this gap by Chinese copycats. According to local sources, Steve Wozniak recently attended an official event of Xiaomi, which was held in Beijing.

In the web even appeared a photo where Wozniak depicted on stage show, which was timed to celebrate the New Year and was held at the head office Xiaomi. During the event, WHO recognizes that uses smartphone Mi3 and gets pleasure from it.

Wozniak said that participation in this event caused him “a lot of emotions,” and also gave some tips Xiaomi. For example, he wished that the company “has always tried to make products better than other people are able to do.”

If you still do not know much about the company Xiaomi, we recall that this Chinese manufacturer distinguished by the fact that not only clones appearance and software interface iPhone, but also has a CEO who blatantly copies of Steve Jobs . CEO named Lei Dzjun also wears blue jeans and a black turtleneck, and conducts presentations on stage with dark blue curtain. Why Steve Wozniak took to publicly express support for the company, remains unknown.

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