Google shows us what’s new in Android 4.3 Photo Sphere

Google has just unveiled the new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and among the new features we have not previously heard much about the camera, if not for the new redesigned interface with a semi-circle pop-up settings. We know that Android 4.2, the Mountain View giant has added the ability to make shots at 360 ° with Photo Sphere, now this shooting mode has had some small improvements.

Via your Google+ profile, Evan Rapoport, Project Manager of Photo Sphere, presented us with the news that have been introduced in Photo Sphere with the latest release of Android 4.3.

First of all alignments have been improved and welds three different images, photographs for increasingly precise and avoiding the holes blacks. Unfortunately, the quality of the shots with moving subjects remains problematic with static backgrounds but everything is significantly improved.

Another great news for Photo Sphere is the exposure compensation between the various shots, in fact now we have different frame with dark areas and gray, so images little balanced between them. The difference is clearly palpable looking at a picture of the current and a previous release.

Were not added new features but the improvements are there and are clearly visible. Have you tried the Photo Sphere with Android 4.3?

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