Announcing FEAR Online: do Koreans will be free-to-play seemed FEAR brand has long been forgotten and thoroughly – the third part (which is not developed Monolith) went 2 years ago, and since then no news about this series was not. Now, however, as it turned out, his attempt to revive, and in a somewhat unexpected form.

FEAR Online, as the name implies, is only multiplayer shooter, and distributed under the scheme fashionable now free-to-play. The developer acts Korean studio Inplay Interactive – it was founded in 2008 by former Activision Korea and is currently working on two projects (FEAR Online and SNK All Stars Online). Publisher in the Western market stands Aeria Games , specializing in the promotion of F2P-games.

The game will have 10 cards, the command mode is deathmatch, in which members of the elite units would face FEAR Corporation Armacham Technology, as well as co-operative scenarios, designed for groups of 4 players and telling of the events that took place in parallel with the story line of FEAR 2: Project Origin.

Release date has not been announced, but already there is a possibility to apply for participation in a closed beta test .

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