Google Spark – an online tool for developing applications Chrome

Chrome development team never sits still. Her latest project, codenamed Spark provides a development environment for writing applications Chrome.

First talked about the project Spark IT evangelist François Beaufort of Team Chrome. According to him, the project is currently in its infancy. It is known that IDE Spark is based on the basis of a new programming language for building web applications called Dart and GUI Polymer. It should be noted that IDE Spark currently already available in the web service GitHub for everyone who wants to be among the first to test the possibility of this development environment.

Recall that Chrome packaged applications written in programming languages, markup and styles of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, but running outside the browser, work in offline mode and access to certain API is not unusual for the web application. In other words, the new IDE, Google intends to expand the boundaries of web programming. By the way, a web programming language Dart owned by Google, which sees him as the successor JavaScript.

At the moment is quite difficult to say whether Google will support IDE Spark and release updates to it on a regular basis, as this development environment, by and large, created to demonstrate the capabilities of the above decisions, Google.

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