Google for children will launch special children’s versions of their services

Google for children will launch special children’s versions of their services

Google for children will launch special children’s versions of their services

Apparently, Google, maintaining the image of “the Corporation Good”, agrees that children – the flowers of life. And the joke “collect bouquet and grandmother gave” is irrelevant here. The company is working on the balloons that carry the Internet around the world, self-governing cars and augmented reality glasses, obviously thinking about the future, and therefore – and the children. Therefore, Google is working hard to make their services more accessible to children.

According to 9to5google, Google’s vice president for engineering Pavni Diwanji said that Google is working on versions of its most popular products for children under the age of 12 years. We are talking about services such as YouTube, Chrome, and Google Search.

According Divandzhi, many company employees, including management and her, have their own children. And that this was the main motivation for Google, to make its services suitable for use by young children. In Mountain View would like to see the younger generation not only in security, is on the WAN, but it was the creators and users of technology as well as adults.

Google for children will launch special children’s versions of their services

Currently, Google’s headquarters is the “Children’s Studio”, where the children of employees can “test” early prototypes of these products. The studio, by the way, has shown that children are completely different usage scenarios the company’s products than adults when they are on the Internet.

Launch date Google for children versions of popular Google services has not, but said that it is not a side project and work on it employees spend all their time. In addition, it is only the beginning of the company’s plans relating to children.

By the way, another example of the company’s attention to children is the annual launch of Google Santa Tracker, helps to believe in the New Year or Christmas tale.

Coming soon Google for children

Google constantly monitors the “learning disabilities” its search engine, but even this does not guarantee that the eight-year child can find exactly what he is looking for.

That is the reason why the company is currently undertaking work on a new, child-oriented products and services. What to expect from the company?

Google for children will launch special children’s versions of their services

The structure of the new products for children can enter the new version search engine, Google Chrome browser and Youtube – this edition says USA Today.

The company, however, did not say specifically on what products work and when plans are executed. Google plans to make these products are completely safe for children up to 12 years, and will provide an opportunity for parents to monitor children’s activity on the network.

It was said of Pawnee Divanzh of Google. She also said that the company expects some changes, but the children, anyway, are already using technology Google, which are not intended for them.

Company spokesman Google declined to comment further, but said that all the things said in USA Today, untrue.

Google is bent to allow the Google for children to their accounts on Gmail and YouTube

Google is considering allowing children under 13 to create accounts on YouTube and Gmail, but under the supervision of parents. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources.

Now users, who log on Gmail and YouTube, must confirm that he is at least 13 years old. Many children that did not stop because they could indicate a false age. However, Google for children has officially prohibited such actions, and users can report a technical support service upon detection of such accounts.

Google for children will launch special children’s versions of their services

Now, Google intends to introduce a new system that allows parents to create accounts for children under 13 years of age and at the same time control the use of services, and how Google manages personal data. According to sources, WSJ, Google’s intention is partly due to attempts to legalize the actions of parents, and so trying to create accounts for children.

“However, the news about Google’s intention to launch the Google for children YouTube and Gmail has raised fears of experts on privacy of personal data. If Google does something wrong, it will jeopardize the privacy of the data of millions of children and deprive the parents to make decisions, who can gather information about their children,”- said the director of the Center for e-democracy Jeff Chester.

Earlier this year, the media have published information that Google for children is developing a children’s version of the video sharing YouTube. Representatives of the company declined to comment.

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