Google announced «Find My iPhone» for Android

Google announced a new feature for Android-based devices called «Android Device Manager». It allows you to track the location of “guglofonov” in the event of loss or theft. Device Manager functions similar to the Find My iPhone service Which is already available for several years, the owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Members phones and tablets running Android 2.2 and above can download the app and go to a special web page through your account in order to access its functionality. Currently being limited testing service over several weeks it becomes available worldwide.

Android Device Manager allows you to specify the location of your smartphone if it is lost or stolen, remotely lock the device, clean the internal memory, or delete data from a memory card. In addition, you can remotely initiate sound at maximum volume, which will issue a smartphone or tablet. If you wish to see a message that will be revealed on the screen to the finder of his people could contact the owner.

A similar service Find My iPhone is available to owners of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and the Mac. The program allows you to discover a lost smartphone or computer, as well as remotely wipe all information from its memory.

The new operating system, iOS 7 is provided technology Activation Lock , which allows you to completely block the stolen iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. In the “seven” to disable Find My iPhone or mobile device can not be restored without knowing the Apple ID and password. Distribution of this system will make stealing iPhone and iPad meaningless.

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