Google has acquired another source of income – the thermostat

Any more or less literate financier knows that: a) the money should work and b) it is impossible to put your eggs in one basket. In other words, to properly dispose of the funds available and get a guaranteed income, you need to invest in different businesses and undertakings. It is this principle in its activities the company Google, which with an enviable uniformity buys the most promising, in their opinion, the company. So it was with Motorola Mobility, YouTube, Boston Dynamics, and many others. Just last year, Google bought 8 manufacturers robotics. And here again, 2 months after the last major acquisitions, the company announced on his next acquisition.

At this time the tenacious paws search giant got a small high-tech company Nest Labs. What is remarkable is this deal? Well first of all, in addition to an invitation to work under the wing of one of the most powerful IT-companies, the guys from Nest Labs got a pretty decent “lifting” of $ 3.2 billion. Second, curious kind of activity of the acquired company, namely the production of thermostats and fire sensors.

Nest Labs company was formed in 2010 came from Apple. Its primary purpose, they put the creation of smart appliances. So for example, their temperature controller connected to a home air conditioner is capable of after a few days to set their own comfortable indoor climate, based on user habits. Volume sold thermostats today tens of thousands of units per month.

But the question of why Google needed to contact a non-core, at first glance, the business remains open. Argued that the search giant there is a decline in advertising revenue, and buying a company focused on the production of all kinds of technology, Google is trying to diversify its activities and thereby earn money in the future from other sources. It would be possible to agree with this judgment, if not the sum of the last transaction. Recall that we are talking about $ 3.2 billion! If we consider that the cost of one thermostat is 129 U.S. dollars to recoup the billions, Google along with Nest Labs have to sell about 25 million thermostats and is not considering taxes. Sounds like nonsense, agree.

Most likely, Google, following the modern trends, decided to come to grips with “smart home”, or rather, it means to take another step closer to their services to the user. How is this possible? Very simple. All domestic equipment manufactured Nest Labs, connects to the Internet in order to manage your smartphone. Thus, the same thermostat included in the ecosystem of Google, may become an additional channel of information about the user and his habits. In other words, all the data (energy costs, sleep duration and mode of all households and more) about what is happening in the house and its inhabitants, will provide another opportunity and pretext for ubiquitous advertising Google. Once you will utter the phrase, “Hey, Google, I’m cold!” As once the thermostat will raise the temperature in the room and automatically generate in your browser sponsored link on the “hot tour” in Egypt. As you are such a prospect?

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