Gbreeze can clean the air and charging smartphones

Gbreeze can clean the air and charging smartphones

Gbreeze can clean the air and charging smartphones

Do you not have enough fresh air in your home or at work? In our world, there are already many interesting inventions for air purification.

And now one of the companies created an interesting innovation. An extraordinary project is based on the purification of air and charges your smartphone. This latest device is called Gbreeze.

How the basic principle of this device Gbreeze works?

In addition, the engineer that invented a new method of cleaning the air, so they created an extra charge function of your smartphone. An interesting feature is that the phone is charged wirelessly.

A positive feature of is the ability to use the new device Gbreeze almost anywhere. Since Gbreeze is compact and can purify the air even in your car.

An interesting option for those who do not like dirty air. After cleaning, you get positive results and qualitatively clean freshness.

The method of interaction with your phone very simple. And you need an operating system to iOS, Android, or WindowsPhone. Here it comes in the presence of a special communication standard Qi.

Gbreeze can clean the air and charging smartphones

And really high-tech cleaning with an air purifier is the best opportunity to clean your air not only at home but also in other hard to reach places.

In addition to the air purifier of Gbreeze, better use than from a conventional aerosol. Since it does not contribute to the allergic effects.

The most important feature of clean air in your home, it is time to change the filter cleaning or clean the filter dust. As if you do not do this, the cleaning of the air will not complete.

If you want to really get a quality product you will have to wait a little longer, since the implementation of the air purifier is not ready yet. The project Gbreeze started on Kickstarter. And manufacturers promise to launch the product in mass production in the summer of 2015.

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