TSMC talk about the process of 7 nm already in 2017

TSMC talk about the process of 7 nm already in 2017

TSMC talk about the process of 7 nm already in 2017

To date, the development of high-tech processor takes the first place. Especially when it comes to technological devices in our lives. This is what we talk about today.

Namely, on the development of TSMC, which plans to produce a processor to 7 nm in 2017. No wonder even hear that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company plans to produce such a completely new technological process for our devices. Since the development of the company does not stand still. And every year the manufacturers of TSMC are trying to increase the demand for their products wearable and portable devices.

As stated by the president of TSMC, that “our engineers have already started work on a chip 7 nm. Their success at this stage they are wonderful and seeks to go beyond the development of high-tech processes.”

TSMC said that the first stage has already been reached in 2016

According to the chief engineer of the development is phased achievement. And at this stage, they are studying the structure of the 10nm process. When engineers fully finalize the processes thoroughly, the manufacturer promises to the next in 2016. After that, engineers begin planning based on of the 10nm processor to go ahead and make a serious step 7 nm.

TSMC talk about the process of 7 nm already in 2017

According to TSMC, they plan to improve the system of Extreme ultraviolet lithography today. This contributes to the development of technological equipment. What price the benefits of this process will be significant in comparison with the present day.

The development of higher processes allows a new type of delivery is achieved by the processor of the South Korean manufacturer Samsung. This will lead to the development of new devices. And a future date it will help to monitor the highly basic engineering.

It should be noted that the implementation of the Taiwanese company is very ambitious. And, of course, we will follow the development of chips for the following devices. Our world does not stand in one place and development is small steps, but with more emphasis.

Source: Fudzilla, KitGuru

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