One of the failures of Apple: History of Newton PDA

Even great companies make mistakes. An example of this was Apple, who made an attempt in 1993 to release the handheld Newton. $ 1,000 functions in the unit was too small, and the target audience was too narrow.

Professor of Economics and an expert in innovative entrepreneurship interview Kommersant spoke about how important it is clearly explained to potential users, why would they spend money on a new product.

“Many of us are fans of the brand Apple. Almost any company’s product is perceived to cheer. However, in the history of Jobs’ brainchild enough and bad examples. One of them – Apple Newton.

The story began in 1993. In the “apple” of the company’s decided, it’s time to change the PC market and the move to a portable device. Integer division of the company from Cupertino is working on the first palm. Soon, the Apple Newton, or MessagePad. The target audience for the device were to, say, the architects who could quickly sketch, for example, the plan of the house. Also among the applications were a notebook, notes, calendar and calculator with currency converter. Finally, the device can recognize handwriting.

However, the product is disappointed consumers: too high a price – around $ 1,000, the large size (the computer did not fit in a pocket) and a sufficient number of bugs. But the main thing – it was not clear why do I need machine. All these drawbacks have been eliminated competitor – by Palm, make clear the device and is easily synchronized with their electronic contemporaries. A Apple Newton failed “, – says Mikhail Khomich.

According to the expert Yuri Mitin, the starting version of the revolutionary product was not supposed to have as many disadvantages. In fact, Apple Newton was the imperfection. Second, Apple had to explain to consumers why would he spend the money. Architects – too niche audience. And for the rest of the apparatus has been poorly understood.

In business there is no room for “almost.” The product can not be conveniently almost nearly almost simple and reliable. Although it is believed that the Apple Newton just ahead of his time.

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